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Practice Clinics

The table below gives an overview of the various clinics that are run by our GPs and Nurses. They offer patients an opportunity to receive expert advice on health, diet, travel and (where necessary) vaccinations.

The Chronic Disease Clinics (Asthma, COPD & Diabetes) are available to patients with these conditions, by annual invite. The nurse or GP will offer advice and help on the management of those conditions as well as a review of your medication used to help control them.

We recommend that patients take the opportunity to book an appointment for these clinics as soon as is convenient after receiving their invite.

Below the table is more detailed information on what to expect when attending a particular clinic and any preparation that maybe necessary.

Respiratory - Sister Ainsworth

Respiratory - Sister Storey

Mental Health - Dr Malcolm (alternate weeks)


Travel - Sister Hamer or Sister Fulford 

Wednesday Child Imms - Sister Fleet

Respiratory - Sister Ainsworth

Child Imms - Sister Fleet

Child Health & Development - Dr Ganesh, Dr Matthee & Dr Johnston (alternating)

Respiratory - Sister Ainsworth

Clinic Details

 Respiratory Top 


An asthma review is an opportunity for you to talk about your condition with a specially trained nurse and discuss how you can be in control of your asthma.

We will write to you to remind you to come for your yearly asthma review. You should also have a review following an asthma flare-up, a change in medication or a gradual worsening of your symptoms.

However in a sudden flare-up or emergency, please seek immediate medical help.

At the review we will ask about your medication and check your inhaler technique (please bring your inhalers to the appointment). We will ask about your asthma symptoms during the day, during the night and during your usual activities.

We will measure your peak flow (a simple breathing test) and we will discuss with you any changes to your asthma management. We will also discuss with you how to cope and recognise a flare-up of your asthma and answer any questions you may have.

As well as asthma reviews we carry out tests to diagnose asthma. We offer advice and support to you and your family if you have been newly diagnosed.

Let us help you to be in control of your asthma.

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

The aim of the COPD review is to offer interventions to help you cope with your condition on a day to day basis.

We will write to you to remind you to come for your yearly COPD review. You should also have a review following a flare-up of your COPD.

At the review we will discuss how you are coping with your condition and offer advice and support for your physical, emotional and practical needs. We will measure your lung function and check your inhalers and other medication.

Please bring your inhalers to the appointment.

We will discuss breathing exercises, pulmonary rehabilitation and other coping strategies. Finally we will discuss with you what to do when you have a flare-up of your COPD.

We also carry out tests to diagnose COPD and offer advice and support to you if you have been newly diagnosed

We want to help you cope with your COPD on a day to day basis.

 Diabetic Top 

Dr Matthee, Dr Ganesh & Dr George specialise in Diabetes and run a clinic on alternating weeks. Patients will be sent an annual invite to attend the clinic and must have had an up to date blood test prior to attending their review.

 Mental Health Top 

We run a GP lead fortnightly mental health session at the practice, specifically to review and manage the physical and mental health of patients with severe mental health needs and those with learning disability.


These sessions include GP visiting the 3 learning disability residential homes in our catchment area – 4 Maer Lane, Beulah House & New Barn at Goldstone, that include carrying out physical health checks, clinical management, flu jabs and communication with LD specialist services.


Patients with schizophrenia and psychotic illnesses have a higher incidence of physical disease that the general population and so we feel it is important to respond to this in a proactive way, that can include home visiting.


In order to allow protected time to this group of high risk patients, this session is only available via GP referral. Patients with mental health needs can of course book an appointment with any GP via the usual appointment system. 

 Child Immunisations Top 

At the Practice we run two Child Immunisation clinics per week. These clinics offer all scheduled childhood vaccines to children under the age of 5years.


Appointments are made direct from Longbow House and a letter is sent out to inform patients of all the details. If you are unable to attend the Immunisation Clinic, please remember to call and tell us and we will try to rearrange the appointment to a time and date that would suit you better. If your child is unwell they will not be able to have their immunisation so please call to rearrange their appointment.


When attending the Immunisation Clinic please remember to always bring the child’s Red Book with you to ensure all records are kept up to date.

 Child Health Top 

The Child Health Clinic in run on a Friday morning by Dr Matthee, Dr Ganesh & Dr Cooper on alternating weeks.


This is where each new baby receives their first immunisation from the age of 8 weeks onwards. The Doctor also gives the baby an 8 week examination. This includes checking hips, heart and vision as well as discussing feeding methods, measuring their weight and dealing with any other concerns the parents may have.  

 Travel Clinic Top 

Our specialised nurses run a weekly clinic offering travel advice and necessary immunisations.


Patients can book appointments directly at Reception.


All patients are asked to collect and complete a travel form prior to their appointment. It is also requested that the completed form is returned to the surgery when you attend your first appointment so that all relevant information is available to the nurse for her to then make all necessary preparations when you attend the clinic.


The surgery is able to offer the Yellow Fever vaccination at an additional cost.

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