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Final Report on Patient Reference Survey 2013



The basis for the survey and full compile of the results and statistics along with the action plan as outlined below can be seen in the PDF that this information is taken from, this can be downloaded from the Documents & Downloads section of this website.


 Patient Participation Action Plan  


A meeting went ahead on Thursday 21st March for all parties (Patient Participation Group (PPG) & Practice staff) to discuss the outcomes of their survey.


The responses to the survey were discussed in detail and the minutes from this meeting are included in the downloadable report.


In compasrison to last year's survey there have been improvments in several areas; including access to the practice, access to urgent (2 day) appointments and overall appointment availability. 


The Practice will strive to continue this trend with the changes that have been introduced in 2012 and hope that a further full year of these changes will be noted in a positive light by our patients.


The discussion of this years survey raised several points for inclusion in this years Action Plan


 1: The Telephone System Top 

The difficulty in getting through on the telephone and the inadequacies perceived in the current phone system were by far the most commented on aspect of the survey and stood out in the overall comments section.


The Practice will therefore investigate ways to improve the current system. This may mean:

  • New underlying technology
  • A review of how the system is used e.g. peak times.
  • A meeting to brainstorm other ideas to help ease congestion or improve the patient experience.


 2: Continuity of Care Top 

  • Carrying on from last year, the practice will look at ways to improve this aspect of the patient experience


 3: Speaking to a GP on the Phone Top 

  • There will be discussion and if necessary changes implemented to help improve and standardise this option for patients 
 4: Public transport to the Practice Top 

  • Ways to improve the bus service to the Practice will be investigated
 5: Opening Hours Top 
  • At present the doctors do not plan to extend current Practice opening hours, but it will be kept as a discussion point for future meetings.
 6: Reception Staff Top 

  • Ways to improve how reception and the public interact will be investigated.


 7: Frequently Asked Questions Top 
  • Answers to commonly raised questions will be published on the website and perhaps in leaflet form - the questions will be based on the comments raised by patients in the survey and from a workshop meeting with the Patient Group, later in the year.


Monitoring & Outcomes


This is area is reserved for reporting the outcomes and monitoring the progress of the Action Plan. All changes and proposals made under the action plan will be publicised and attached to this full report.


Throughout the year April 2013 – March 2014 The Practice and Patient Group will be focused on taking the action plan forward. These will take the form of workshops and formal meetings.


Please now refer to the page for the 2013-14 survey for the outcomes and actions from this survey.




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