Private Podiatry / Chiropody Service

The human foot is a complicated structure composed of 26 bones, 16 joints, numerous ligaments and muscles. On average, each one of us will take between 8,000 and 10,000 steps per day, hardly surprising therefore that much of the population will at some point experience a problem with their feet.

Andrew Booth , MChS, DPodM, HPC Registered, offers appointments for private based Chiropody/ Podiatry Service at the Medical Practice including the treatment of :

  • Hard Skin/ Callus
    Initially hard skin/callus forms in response to pressure, however when pressure becomes excessive , there is an increase in skin production and thus thickening of the skin on the foot known as callus or hard skin develops.
  • Corns
    Are small localised area s of compressed thickened skin they are usually round in shape and can cause considerable pain and discomfort particularly when walking
  • Verrucae
    Are wart s that are found on the foot. Verrucae may contain small black dots , they can appear as single or multiple infections and are often can confused with corns,( verrucae tend to be painful to pinch, corns are painful when direct pressure is applied and tend to occur on weight bearing areas of the foot)
  • Foot Function
    Abnormal foot function is often the underlying cause for a whole host of potential foot problems. I offer an assessment of foot and lower limb function and can provide orthotics or insoles if required, which can help to alleviate painful foot and lower limb conditions.

Please Do Not contact the Medical Practice about these appointments.