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 Patient Group Meeting 16.01.2019

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 AGM 09.11.2018

Market Drayton Patient Group

Draft Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Drayton Medical Practice Friday 9 November 2018 at 1.30pm

1.  Welcome and Introductions

Committee members present: Roy Aldcroft (Chair), Sue Gerrard, Jenny Horner, Michele Matthee (Practice Manager), Christine Murison, Roger Smith, Dennis Wright, Jacqui Wright.

Patients: Steve Glover, Caroline Hamilton.

Visitors:  John Harrison (North Salop Wheelers)

2.  Apologies

Gail Ackerley (Treasurer), Joe Duxberry, Chris Grundy, Chrissie Jupp (Care Co-ordinator)

3.  Minutes of the previous AGM

The minutes were agreed as an accurate record.

4.  Chairman’s report

Roy reported on the proposals to close A&E at the Princess Royal Hospital overnight, and the Practice engaging with the extended hours scheme.  Michele clarified that the scheme was for routine appointments only, and they were currently available at other practices in the group.  Out-of-hours appointments were still with Shropdoc.

Roy also tendered his resignation due to other commitments, but intended to continue to support the PPG.  He said the new Chair will need to encourage new members.  Jacqui suggested the difficulty in recruitment might be because of volunteer fatigue, bystander apathy and lack of visibility.  Jacqui suggested photographs of the PPG Committee on the PPG noticeboard.  Caroline suggested using the Media screen in the waiting room.

Jenny proposed a vote of thanks to Roy for taking on the role for so long. 

5.  Treasurer’s report

There was no income for the year and expenditure was £142.50 for membership of the National Association of Patient Participation Groups and room hire for last year’s AGM. Bank balance on 30 September £897.76.  Roy reminded members that they can claim expenses.  Gail was happy to continue as Treasurer. 

6. Nomination and election of Chair

Roy nominated Jenny as Chair.  There were no other nominations.  Jenny agreed and was duly elected.   Jenny thanked Roy for his work in the role.

7.  Nomination and election of Secretary

There were no nominations for Secretary.  Sue agreed to continue as Minutes Secretary.

8.  Nomination of Representatives to Shropshire Patient Group and North Locality Group

Sue is willing to continue as a representative with the Shropshire Patient Group but is rarely able to attend due to her caring commitments and transport issues.

Christine does not wish to continue as the representative to the North Locality Group (NLG).  Roy felt the NLG was a priority.

Jenny said she should attend both for information.  Steve and Dennis agreed to attend if required in a supporting role.

9. Date and time of next AGM

Next AGM:  Friday 8 November 2019, at 1.30pm at the Medical Practice.  

 Patient Group Meeting 05/09/2018

At our last meeting on 5th September, the Patient Participation Group heard about

  • the new extended access arrangements (see Practice Website for details)
  • the new flu vaccine being introduced for over 65s at the current flu clinics
  • the new Practice telephone system that went live on 10 September.

The Community Care Co-ordinator Chrissie Jupp, reported

  • her role is now part of the GP contract
  • there were concerns about problems experienced by patients claiming Universal Credit
  • 11 trainee volunteers have been recruited for the Compassionate Communities (CoCo) project started by Severn Hospice.

We also discussed

  • the Future Fit consultation about the location of a single Emergency Centre in Shropshire
  • the new 111 phone service
  • the ambulance service – concerns were voiced about local coverage.

Our Annual General Meeting will be on 8th November 2018 at 1.30pm at the Practice.

AGM – 06/12/2017

1.  Welcome and Apologies


Committee members: Roy Aldcroft (Chair), Sue Gerrard, Christine Murison, Roger Smith.

Patients: Jenny Horner

Apologies were received from: Gail Ackerley (Treasurer), Frances Bevan, Dennis Wright.

2.  Minutes of the previous AGM

Future Fit: programme has foundered due to the A&E crisis and further delay with the public consultation.  Likely outcome will be an A&E unit at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, with an enhanced Urgent Care Centre at the Princess Royal. 

Christine pointed out some issues for patients on the Shropshire border; a midwifery survey showed families in Oswestry preferred to get care in Wales. 

3.  Chairman’s report

Roy reported that the Patient Group has continued to enjoy a positive working relationship with the practice, that the Practice is receptive to challenges, and that patient feedback has resulted in improvements. Members continue to report back from committees outside the Practice.

4.  Treasurer’s report

Received by email.  Income during the last year £300 and expenditure £16.75. The bank balance on 30 September was £1040.26 

5. Committee vacancies

No nominations for Chair or Secretary have been received. 

There was discussion about whether to pay the Practice to take minutes for PPG meetings.  It was decided that since patient participation groups now form part of the GP contract, the Practice might agree to do this free of charge.  

Christine drew attention the closure of some PPGs elsewhere and that Karen Higgins was no longer in post, although the CCG was addressing the issue of patient engagement.  She suggested we need only meet quarterly and that most business could be transacted by email.  Information could be distributed via the Drayton Crier (Facebook).

Sue said it was important to find out what the Practice wanted from the PPG.  Roy agreed to continue as Chair of a semi-virtual PPG and Sue agreed to continue taking minutes if required.

Action: Roy to arrange a meeting with Michele (Practice Manager).

6.  Any other business

Jenny shed light on the fate of funds from the former Community Hospital.  She’s a trustee of Action for Health who hold the funds and have made donations to Mencap and Whitchurch hospital garden.

She said she has had difficulty getting posters about how to apply for a grant from Action for Health displayed at the Practice. 

Action: Jenny to follow this up.

Christine reminded members that although the Northern Locality Patient Group met in Whitchurch, it often had speakers relevant to healthcare in the whole of Shropshire. 

7. Date and time of next AGM

It was agreed to hold future PPG meetings on a Wednesday.

Next AGM:  Wednesday 3rd October at 1pm

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Patient Group went ahead on Wednesday 26th October 2016. Here is a summary of the meeting:

What happened at the AGM?

Thirteen patients met to hear Dr Jessica Sokolov give a presentation on Future Fit – the plan for health services in Shropshire.  Dr Sokolov is a GP at Drayton Medical Practice and Clinical Director of Women’s and Children’s Health for the Clinical Commissioning Group that has run Shropshire’s health services since 2013. 

Dr Sokolov said the biggest challenge facing Future Fit in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin is the crisis in Emergency Care.  Having two small A&E units means it’s difficult to recruit staff, and doctors have to work one weekend in three rather than one weekend in twelve, as in larger units.  Future Fit has to include plans for A&E in a plan for health services overall.  The CCG are currently thinking about the options open to them and plan to begin a public consultation in December. 

A group including Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin CCGs and Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin Councils is also bidding for money to support a Sustainability and Transformation Plan that will combine health and social care.

Dr Sokolov answered questions from patients.  She said that the West Midlands Ambulance Service has been involved in all planning, and that patients will continue to be taken to the nearest A&E unit, including, for Drayton patients, the Royal Stoke University Hospital.  She hoped that pooling budgets for health and social care would enable better joined-up services to be developed.

Dr Sokolov’s presentation was followed by the AGM.  Our Chair, Roy Aldcroft said that feedback from the Patient Group resulted in improvements to the Practice’s phone system and appointments system, and that the Patient Group was keen for younger patients to join.

Our Treasurer, Gail Ackerley, reported that the balance in the Patient Group account currently stands at £757.01. 

The Practice Manager, Michele Matthee, was pleased that the Practice now had a full complement of GPs, for the first time in two years. 

The Community Care Co-ordinator, Chrissie Jupp, has developed links with many local community groups and hopes her role will continue to be funded.  

If anyone would like full copy of the minutes of the AGM, or the slides from Dr Sokolov’s presentation they should contact Roy Aldcroft via the Patient Group email address