Training & Teaching

GP Registrars

From August 2008 we began training GP Registrars and Foundation year Doctors at our Practice.

They are qualified doctors who are pursuing a career in General Practice. They have already undertaken some junior doctor posts in hospital so will be fully competent to see patients on their own, although their work is closely supervised by the GP partners.

Occasionally, as part of their training, the GP Registrar may ask to video your consultation. The video is confidential and would only be used for teaching purposes. There is no obligation to agree to the video. If you do agree, you will always be asked at the beginning and end of the consultation whether you are happy for the video to be used.

Only surgeries that practice the highest standards of medicine are eligible for GP Registrar training, so we are very pleased to have been selected.

Medical Students

We continue our links to Keele University with undergraduate medical students attending the Practice during term time to experience our work.

Patients will always be asked whether or not they are happy for the students to be present, before being seen by the doctor.

If you agree, they sit in during some GP consultations and accompany GPs on home visits. You can always decline to have a student present during your time with the GP. Please tell the receptionist if this is the case.

As part of their training students may wish to video your consultation for review with a GP at a later date. You will always be asked for consent before and after any video session. The videos are only kept until after the training has taken place and are then permanently deleted.