How to Register with the Practice

Permanent Registrations

You may complete and sign your old medical cards or complete and sign a registration form available from reception or from our documents section (with guidance for completion). When completing a registration form you must complete all relevant parts of the form;

  • Your Full name and previous surname if it has changed.
  • Full address with Postcode.
  • Your date of birth must be on the form.
  • Include your NHS number, if you know it.
  • A previous address and GP must be provided unless this is your first time registering.
  • Immigrants must provide a date of entry to the UK.
  • All babies must be registered with an NHS number on the form.
  • Service personnel – recently discharged, and people returning to the UK from abroad must provide their previous address prior to joining the Services or leaving the UK.
  • All forms must be signed by the patient or their parent, guardian or carer.

Patients register with the practice, rather than a particular doctor. If you do have a preference of which GP you see, this can be recorded when you register. You can also ask to see a particular doctor when making an appointment. This will be accommodated where possible, but it may mean waiting longer for an appointment.

You will be invited to make an appointment for a New Patient Health Check with one of our Health Care Assistants and also to complete a new patient questionnaire.

  • As part of the registration process, it is an NHS policy to ask for a patient’s ethnicity and main spoken language.
  • Any new patients who have recently arrived in the UK will be asked for proof of residency.
  • All patients aged 16 or over will be asked for some form of personal identification.

We ask for identification for two main reasons:

  • To prevent fraudulant registrations.
  • To reduce the duplication of patients’ records across NHS systems.

From April 2015 any patient who registers will be informed of their ‘named GP’. This GP will be responsible for their overall care, however all patients are still free to see any GP of their choice (subject to appointment availability).

Practice Area

Catchment Area

Temporary Registrations

If you are staying within our Practice Area for a short period of time; on vacation, visiting relations or for other reasons, and you require access to our facilities you can register as a temporary patient.

Temporary patients come in two categories:

  • Short Stay – You are only here for upto two weeks.
  • Long Stay – You are here for upto three months.

If you are staying longer than three months, you should register permanently so we can request your full medical records incase we need to refer to them.

We may refuse to treat you as a Temporary Patient if you are registered with a GP Practice that is only a short travelling distance away (30 minutes drive or so), as your own GP will always be the better choice for treating you.

Overseas visitors should be aware, depending on your country of origin, charges may be made for any medical treatment or prescriptions you require. Any charges will be made at standard NHS private treatment rates. Please enquire at reception when you register.

A temporary registration form must be completed when you attend the surgery. You will be required to provide:

  • Your full name.
  • Your date of birth
  • Your full temporary address (where you are staying)
  • Your full home address.
  • The name of the GP and surgery where you are registered.