Falls Prevention Service

Who We Are

An enthusiastic team of Falls Prevention Practitioners and exercise specialists, comprising of physiotherapist, occupational therapist, nurse, rehab techs and exercise instructor.

 What We Do

If you have fallen, are at risk, or are fearful of falling, and live within the boundary of the Shropshire County PCT, we will offer you an assessment. The assessment is to try and find out what is making you more likely to fall.

With your consent we then devise an action plan to reduce your risk of further falls. This might include:

  • Asking your G.P. or pharmacist to review your medication
  • Looking at ways to make your home environment safer
  • Inviting you to join a Falls Prevention Programme  
 What Is A Falls Prevention Programme?
  • This is an exercise programme specifically designed to improve your strength, balance and confidence.
  • Each programme is of 12 weeks duration.
  • Each week there is an opportunity to discuss a topic that is related to reducing your risk of falls.
  • You may be offered a Home Exercise programme if this is more appropriate.

Exercise programmes are held throughout the year in:

Bishops Castle
Church Stretton
Market Drayton

 What Other Services May Be Involved In Your Care?

You may be seen in DAART, or in a consultant clinic. Here you will have a medical falls risk assessment to rule out any medical conditions that may be contributing towards your risk of falls. The doctor may also assess your risk of having fragile bones.

You may be seen by the integrated care teams – these include district nurses, community physiotherapists, and occupational therapists who are also able to carry out a falls risk assessment.

Some members of the teams are also trained to do a home exercise programme to improve your strength and balance.


We maintain close links with services already mentioned and the Shropshire hospitals, GP’s, social, emergency and community services.

  • Anyone can refer into the Falls Prevention Service – with your consent.
  • You may also refer yourself.

Falls are not an inevitable part of growing older. Help us to help you remain healthy, active and independent.

If you would like any further advice, details or information, please contact your Falls Prevention Team at:

Care Co-ordination Centre/Falls Prevention Service on:

01743 454926